There are no photos in this post

I had another blog, a long long time ago.  Maybe two or three. This latest, ragepotter, is an attempt to keep sane while I’m taking time off to be with baby M.  The blogging world then was much different to the blogging world now.

Then, nearly everybody was anonymous. People guarded their privacy and rarely used their full names or posted photos.  Now it seems to be the norm to be completely open about every aspect of life.

What used to be periphery is now front and center. Photos and videos for every post. You need to tweet stuff at readers, like stuff on Facebook, tag stuff on Instagram. Engage with people everywhere.  The side columns on the right of blog pages go on and on — mailing lists, brand endorsements, widgets for this and that. You can no longer just have words on a blank page. Unless they are very short words.

My old blog used to be a graveyard for the longest time, until I put effort into promoting it. No one ever stumbled over it by accident, or even when they tried.  I remember having to work hard for my first visitor, my first comment, my first follower.  It was comforting. Just my secret corner of the internet that no reader cared to find.

But here on ragepotter, you were here from the fourth post. I certainly didn’t expect you to find me here so quickly. I thought I could hide, that little bit longer. But if you are here, dear reader, whoever you are, however you got here, welcome my old friend.

It’s okay if you don’t stay. I don’t expect you to, no. There is so much else out there, and anyway you probably don’t have the attention span to stay for more than two posts.  I get it.  It’s so shiny over there. And it’s not flashy here. There are no photos of me and baby M walking the dog into the sunset. We don’t leave footprints on Facebook posts, or swap faces on Snapchat. Here, there are no faces, no names.